Consequent upon the advice of the Chief Minister, Punjab to the Governor of the Punjab under clause (1) of Article 112 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab stands dissolved on 14 January 2023 at 2210 hours at the expiration of forty-eight hours after the Chief Minister has so advised.


پرنٹ کریں

مسز گلناز شہزادی


اسمبلی دور : 2018-2023(17ویں اسمبلی)

  • پوزیشن
  • رکن: اسکول ایجوکیشن
  • تعلیمی قابلیت
  • بی ایڈ
    بی ایس سی
    ایم ایڈ
  • پارٹی
  • ای میل
  • والد کا / شوہر کا نام
  • شجاعت علی شاہ
  • ازدواجی حیثیت
  • شادی شدہ
  • بچے
  • ۳
  • تاریخ پیدائش
  • 18 اپریل 1968ء
  • پیدائش کی جگہ
  • لاھور
  • مذہب
  • اسلام
  • تاریخ حلف برداری
  • 15  اگست 2018ء

ذاتی کیریئر اور دلچسپی

Mrs Gulnaz Shahzadi wife of Mr Shujaat Ali Shah was born on April 18, 1968 in Lahore. She obtained the degrees of B.Sc (Biology, Chemistry) in 1987; B.Ed and M.Ed from University of the Punjab, Lahore. She was active in politics since her college days and was a student leader. An educationist and a business lady, who remained Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 2013-18 and has returned to the Punjab Assembly for the second consecutive term in General Elections 2018 against one of the seats reserved for women. She served as Science Teacher in Aitchison College, Lahore during 1987-93 and is currently CEO and Administrator of private Schools. She has authored a book titled, “Magic of Letters” which helps to develop and enhance pronunciation skills of children as well as helps in building blocks of words. Since 1998, she has been setting up free summer camps during vacations in remote areas with the aim to reduce illiteracy rate and to connect with the community of children. She is working effortlessly and tirelessly for the promotion of education. She has visited USA, Thailand and South Africa. She participated in International Visitors Leadership Program held in USA in collaboration with United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Her husband, served as Member, District Council during 1998-99; and as Tehsil Nazim, District Sialkot during 2000-02.

سابقہ سرکاری عہدے

حکومتی ادارے عہدہ عرصئہ ملازمت
صوبائی اسمبلی پنجاب ایم پی اے 2013-2018

سیاسی کیریئر

سیاسی جماعت پوسٹ دور
پاکستان مسلم لیگ (نواز) President, Women Wing, Distrsit Sialkot 05-April-2017 till date

موجودہ یا سابقہ اسمبلیوں میں عزیزواقارب

رشتہ نام ایوان عہدہ مدت
خاوند شجاعت علی شاہ ممبر یونین کونسل 1993
خاوند شجاعت علی شاہ ممبر, ڈسٹرکٹ کونسل 1999
خاوند شجاعت علی شاہ، تحصیل سیالکوٹ لوکل گورنمنٹ 2002

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میڈیایا لنک
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