Consequent upon the advice of the Chief Minister, Punjab to the Governor of the Punjab under clause (1) of Article 112 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab stands dissolved on 14 January 2023 at 2210 hours at the expiration of forty-eight hours after the Chief Minister has so advised.


پرنٹ کریں

جناب نیاز حسین خان

پی پی-278 ( مظفرگڑھ-XI )

اسمبلی دور : 2018-2023(17ویں اسمبلی)

  • پوزیشن
  • رکن: صنعت، کامرس اینڈ انویسٹمنٹ
  • پارٹی
  • ای میل
  • والد کا / شوہر کا نام
  • Mr Ashiq Muhammad Khan
  • مذہب
  • اسلام
  • تاریخ حلف برداری
  • 15  اگست 2018ء

ذاتی کیریئر اور دلچسپی

Mr Niaz Hussain Khan son of Mr Ashiq Muhammad Khan was born in 1973 at Muzaffargarh. An agriculturist, who has been elected as Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in General Elections 2018 and has served as parlimentary secretary for Non-Formal Basic Education.

مستقل پتہ

  1. Dera Niaz Khan Gashgori, Mauza Patti Naich, Adda Wanahar, Tehsil Kot Adu, District Muzaffargarh

موبائل :  03006403426 , موبائل :  03008675029





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