Consequent upon the advice of the Chief Minister, Punjab to the Governor of the Punjab under clause (1) of Article 112 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab stands dissolved on 14 January 2023 at 2210 hours at the expiration of forty-eight hours after the Chief Minister has so advised.


پرنٹ کریں

میاں محمد اختر حیات

پی پی-32 (گجرات-V )

اسمبلی دور : 2018-2023(17ویں اسمبلی)

  • تعلیمی قابلیت
  • بی اے
  • پیشہ
  • سیاست
  • پارٹی
  • ای میل
  • والد کا / شوہر کا نام
  • میاں محمد اسلم حیات
  • ازدواجی حیثیت
  • شادی شدہ
  • بچے
  • 2
  • تاریخ پیدائش
  • 01 اکتوبر 1950ء
  • پیدائش کی جگہ
  • کولیاں شاہ حسین، کھاریاں، ضلع گجرات
  • مذہب
  • اسلام
  • تاریخ حلف برداری
  • 15  اگست 2018ء

ذاتی کیریئر اور دلچسپی

Mian Muhammad Akhtar Hayat son of Mian Muhammad Aslam Hayat was born on October 1, 1949 at Kolian Shah Hussain, District Gujrat. He obtained his early education from Aitchison College, Lahore and completed Matric in 1965 from there. He graduated in 1969 from FC College, Lahore. He joined police service in 1977 as Deputy Superintendent of Police and retired from his service as SSP in 2009. A retired police officer, who has been elected as Member Punjab Assembly during General Elections 2018 and has served as Parliamentary Secretary for Home. He has travelled to UK, USA and Saudi Arabia. His grandfather, Mian Fateh Muhammad was Member of Punjab Legislative Assembly during 1937-45 and 1951-55; and his brother, Mian Muhammad Afzal Hayat remained Member of Punjab Assembly during 1972-77, 1977 (Minister for Education), 1985-88 (Leader of Opposition during 1986-88), 1993-96 (Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs). He also functioned as Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab during 1996-97.

مستقل پتہ

  1. Kolian Shah Hussain, Tehsil Kharian, District Gujrat

موبائل :  053-7401382 (Res) 0333-5172953

سابقہ سرکاری عہدے

حکومتی ادارے عہدہ عرصئہ ملازمت
پولیس ڈیپارٹمنٹ ایس ایس پی (ر)

موجودہ یا سابقہ اسمبلیوں میں عزیزواقارب

رشتہ نام ایوان عہدہ مدت
دادا میاں فتیح محمد قانون ساز اسمبلی پنجاب ایم ایل اے 1937-1945
بھائی میاں محمد افضل حیات پنجاب حکومت وزیر اعلی 1996-1997





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