Press Releases

  1. سپیکر پنجاب اسمبلی رانا محمداقبال خاں کی15جون 2009سے شرو ع ہونے والے بجٹ اجلاس کے دوران سکیورٹی کے انتظامات کا جائزہ لینے کے لیے پنجاب اسمبلی م
    Date: 11th June 2009
  2. سپیکر پنجاب اسمبلی رانا محمد اقبال خاں کی موضع رکھ چندرائے چونگی امر سدھو میں حضرت بابا شیر شاہ ولی  کے270ویں سالانہ عرس مبارک کی اختتامی تق
    Date: 10th June 2009
  3. سپیکر پنجاب اسمبلی رانا محمد اقبال خاں کا گزشتہ روزپنجاب اسمبلی سیکرٹریٹ کے سیکورٹی کے انتظامات کا جائزہ
    Date: 8th June 2009
  4. Felicitation of Mr. Speaker to the newly elected President and Secretary of Punjab Assembly Press Gallery
    Date: 6th June 2009
  5. Secretary Punjab Assembly, Mr. Muhammad Khan Bhatti on 3 months leave
    Date: 6th June 2009
  6. Address of Mr. Speaker during the inauguration ceremony of Medical Health Center at University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Ravi Campus, Pattoki
    Date: 31st May 2009
  7. Meeting of Finance Committee of Punjab Assembly
    Date: 23rd May 2009
  8. Tour of Deputy Speaker to Sydney, Australia to participate in a Seminar of commonwealth Parliamentarian Association’s
    Date: 23rd May 2009
  9. Condemnation of Mr. Speaker on the Bomb attack in Peshawar
    Date: 16th May 2009
  10. Oath Taking ceremony of Mr. Speaker, Rana Muhammad Iqbal as Caretaker Governer in Governer House, Lahore
    Date: 11th May 2009
  11. Address of Mr. Speaker during the Oath taking ceremony of newly elected members of TEVTA Employees Association
    Date: 8th May 2009
  12. Meeting of Mr. Speaker with delegation of Youth Parliament of Pakistan (UK)
    Date: 7th May 2009
  13. Address of Mr. Speaker during the Prize distribution ceremony of Al-Farhat Welfare Foundation in a local Hotel
    Date: 29th April 2009
  14. Meeting of Mr. Speaker with Professor Antonio Borghese (Veterinary Specialist ) of Italy in Punjab Assembly Chambers
    Date: 28th April 2009
  15. سپیکر پنجاب اسمبلی رانا محمد اقبال خاں کا الحمرا ہال میں جرنلسٹ انعام گھر میں خطاب
    Date: 22nd April 2009
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