PP-179 (Kasur-V) | Kasur
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
2024 - todate

Message from Speaker

I welcome you on visiting the official website of Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, the largest provincial legislature of Pakistan. This has been an excellent source of instant, useful, historical and valuable information to its users about Punjab Assembly and has the following comprehensive sections:-

(a) It reflects Assembly functioning and its Committees at work and provides the latest information about the session (including the agenda, summary of the proceedings, verbatim debates, questions list, resolutions passed, Bills and many more) latest notifications, publications, directory and biography of the Members with comprehensive search facility, Rules of Procedure, information about the Secretariat, press releases, tenders, job opportunities and many more things.

(b) It contains parliamentary documents and a link to separate website of this Secretariat (www.punjablaws.gov.pk) which contains all the laws applicable in the Province to-date since 1860. These laws can be accessed through comprehensive search facility in a variety of ways.

(c) It also provides major publications like Rules of Procedure, Handbook for Parliamentarians, Punjab Assembly Decisions and biography of Members belonging to different assembly tenures.  

(d) It webcasts live audio/video proceedings of the sessions of the Assembly and a rich archival is also available. Moreover archive of audio/video stream of all the sittings of the sessions since 2003 is also available on the website. Members of the Assembly and the Secretariat can be contacted via e- mail.

(e) Its virtual tour of the building and make your visit memorable. In spite of its being large and articulated, the website is easily surfable. You can find the required information instantly with the search option.

(f)   The website is also mobile compliant and can be viewed on small handheld devices having different screen sizes and resolutions. The size of the text, images and menu’s are adjusted automatically accordingly the screen size of the users.  

(g) Finally it serves as a technological door that is always open to any information about our institution, its documents and research sources, ensuring the best possible transparency, establishing direct linkage between parliamentarians and civil society, and making parliamentary activities known to all and sundry.


Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan

Provincial Assembly of the Punjab


News & Activities

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    Date: 8th May 2024
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    Date: 29th March 2024
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    Date: 25th March 2024
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    Date: 22nd March 2024
  5. Press Release (22-03-2024)
    Date: 22nd March 2024
  6. Press Release (16-03-2024)
    Date: 16th March 2024
  7. Press Release (15-03-2024)
    Date: 15th March 2024
  8. Press Release (11-03-2024)
    Date: 11th March 2024
  9. Press Release (07-03-2024)
    Date: 7th March 2024
  10. Press Release (05-03-2024)
    Date: 5th March 2024
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Speaker's Role in the Assembly

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