Assembly News


8th May 2024

Speaker's Message: Building a Better Punjab


Speaker's Message: Building a Better Punjab


I invite you to read my recent article titled “For a progressive Punjab” In it, I discuss the challenges facing our province and outline my vision for a more inclusive and efficient Punjab Assembly.

Recent years have seen unprecedented challenges within our democratic institutions, eroding public trust. Incidents of acrimony during legislative sessions have left scars on our conscience. However, through unity and dialogue, we can overcome these challenges.

I am committed to strengthening the role of the opposition and enhancing the Assembly's professionalism. Initiatives like the Parliamentary Development Unit aim to advance democratic principles and address contemporary challenges.

Key initiatives include empowering youth engagement, leveraging technology for e-governance, and championing environmental concerns.

I encourage you to join me in this journey of unity and progress for Punjab.


Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan

Speaker, Provincial Assembly of Punjab