Sitting on 22nd December 2021


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22 DECEMBER 2021 AT 1:00 PM

Tilawat and Naat


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            A MINISTER to move for General Discussion on Agriculture.




Lahore:                                                 Muhammad Khan Bhatti

21 December 2021                                                          Secretary

Summary of Proceedings


Summary of the Proceedings


Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Started at 03:01 p.m.


with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an and its Urdu translation followed by Naat-e-Rasool-e-Maqbool .


In Chair     Mian Shafi Muhammad, Chairman


Question Hour


Questions relating to Food Department were asked and answered by Mr. Muhammad Basharat Raja, Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs.


Zero Hour


Seven Zero Hour Notices were taken up. The Notice of Ms Neelum Hayat Malik moved on 17-12-2021 that due to non-issuance of cheque books to the Chairmen of 274 Union Councils of Lahore, payments could not be made to NADRA, consequently, UC Certificate Papers of 20,000 cases were missing and its data could not be uploaded on NADRA website and the Notice of Mr Muhammad Abdullah Warraich moved on 19-11-2021 regarding explosion at a fireworks factory in Makoana, ​​Faisalabad injuring three workers and killing one female. Such incidents keep on happening in different areas of Faisalabad but no security measures had yet been taken by the concerned government departments, were kept pending.


The Notice of Ms Mehwish Sultana moved on 17-12-2021 that the properties of Higher Education Department in Chakwal should be returned to the HED and the status of colleges should be restored, two Notices of Mr Sohaib Ahmad Malik, one moved on 17-12-2021 that due to non-availability of Gynecologists in Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Bhera, Sargodha, female patients were facing severe problems to get treatment for their gyne diseases, the second Notice moved on 13-07-2021 that there was no parking stand in Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Bhalwal but parking fee @ Rs.10, 20 and 50 was being charged in the name of parking stand since long, the Notice of Ms Neelum Hayat Malik moved on 28-09-2021 regarding death of a patient at District Headquarters Hospital Kasur because dialyses machine was out of order for the last fifteen days and shortage of medical facilities in male/female surgical wards for the last two months and the Notice of Ms Sajida Begum moved on 24-09-2021 regarding death of 2½ months old infant who was injected preventive vaccination and District Health Officer Khushab exonerated the doctors in inquiry proceedings responsible for this mishap, were disposed of.


Privilege Motions


Two Privilege Motions of Ms Sajida Begum were taken up. One Privilege Motion moved on 28-09-2021 regarding misbehavior of Dr Farrukh, Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Khushab, with the Member concerned and the second Privilege Motion moved on 16-12-2021 regarding launch of character assassinating campaign of the Member concerned by Dental Dr. Surgeon Ghulam Abbas, District Headquarters Hospital, Khushab and other Officers of District Health Authority, Khushab, were referred to the Committee on Privileges with the directions to submit their reports within two months.


Adjournment Motions


Seventeen Adjournment Motions were taken up. The Motion of Mr Muhammad Moazzam Sher moved on 19-11-2021 that pursuant to the Notification issued by Govt. of the Punjab, a Special Zone was created on the basis of backward areas. Initially 20% quota increased to 35 % was fixed to recruit bona fide residents of the zone in BPS-16 or above which had not yet been implemented. PP-84 comprising Khushab and Noorpur Thal Tehsils were more backward areas than included in this special zone because literacy rate was poor there due to non-existence of schools and colleges. These above mentioned Tehsils should also be included in special zone otherwise, it would be discouraging for few educated people, two Motions of Sheikh Alla-ud-Din, one moved on 14-03-2019 demanding the Provincial Government to make clear policy about the migrants coming to Lahore from different cities of Pakistan as they were undocumented and were lacking the basic facilities, the second Motion moved on 06-05-2021 regarding overcharging by Diagnostic Laboratories which were earning extra profit hence, forensic audit of income and expenses of such labs should be held, the Motion of Ms Shazia Abid moved on 16-07-2020 regarding non-payment of death benefits to the widow of Mr Gulzar Ahmad (Late) employee of Local Government & Community Development Department, Tehsil Athara Hazari, District Jhang, due to the negligence and careless attitude of the said Department and induction of one of her daughter in the Department in terms of Rule 17-A of Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules 1974, two Motions of Ch Iftikhar Hussain Chhachhar, one moved on 13-10-2020 regarding stoppage of water supply in PP-185 Basirpur, constituency of the Member concerned despite repeated complaints and protest by the inhabitants and the second Motion regarding change of status of Mandi Ahmadabad, Tehsil Depalpur, District Okara Town Committee into Union Council, the Motion of Mr Muhammad Ashraf Rasool moved on 02-06-2021 that due to District Administration and Local Government Department, Government tube wells in Sheikhupura Tehsil Ferozwala were not functioning and residents were forced to use and drink contaminated water, the Motion of Ms Neelum Hayat Malik moved on 17-12-2021 regarding 83% graveyards in Lahore were lacking basic facilities and in 274 Union Councils of Lahore, maintenance of 845 graveyards was pending because Local Government/World Bank grant was spent on non-developmental work, the Motion of Syed Hassan Murtaza moved on 12-05-2020 regarding deposit of extra fee by BDS students amounting to Rs.2,38,824/- as demanded by the Administration of Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine and Dentistry Shadman, Lahore, in violation of Supreme Court orders that private medical colleges could not increase fee, the Motion of Ms Khadija Umer moved on 26-01-2021 regarding non-provision of Affiliation Certificate and examination code to Watim Medical College Rawalpindi by the UHS, the Motion of Ms Hina Pervaiz Butt moved on 02-02-2021 regarding non-recruitment of technical staff to operate MRI Machine in Services Hospital Lahore, the Motion of Chaudhary Mazhar Iqbal moved on 24-05-2021 regarding non-availability of angiography machine at THQ Hospital Fort Abbas, Bahawalnagar due to which heart patients were compelled to move Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad etc., the Motion of Mr Sajid Ahmed Khan moved 18-05-2021 that there was constant increase in number of Private Hospitals in District Lahore where patients and attendants were compelled to go for clinical tests from medical laboratories of their respective hospitals and the role of Healthcare Commission seemed to be doubtful as it was helping owners of private hospitals, were disposed of after replied by the concerned Ministers.


The Motion of Mr Muhammad Tahir Pervaiz regarding non-implementation of decision of Steering Committee of Local Government that Technical Secretaries of Union Council in BS-11 inducted in 2007 across the Province should be promoted as Sub-Engineers  and the Motion of Ms Khadija Umer moved on 02-02-2021 regarding refusal to upgrade the seats of 25% Junior Technicians from BS-4 to BS-5 in Medical Center Health System, the Motion of Ms. Mehwish sultana moved on 27-12-2019 regarding potassium exploration by Asian Precious Mineral at Dahriala Kahon, Tehsil Chua Saiden Shah and at village Kahot of Kallar Kahar without giving public hearing to the residents of the area, because it would be harmful for agricultural land and would also increase environment pollution and the Motion of Syed Hassan Murtaza moved on 17-07-2020 regarding notification issued by Colonies Department, Government of the Punjab, in terms of which Government land allotted to tenants within prohibited zone would be taken back and re-auctioned in the times when tenants were suffering from critical financial conditions due to corona and locust attack, hence, this agreement should be extended for three years, were kept pending.


Government Business


General Discussion


General Discussion on Agriculture was initiated by Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi, Minister for Agriculture. Chaudhary Mohammad Iqbal, Ms Uzma Kardar, Syed Ali Haider Gilani and Mr Muhammad Kazim Peerzada, participated in the discussion.


Suspension of Rules


On a motion moved by Ms Uzma Kardar, in terms of Rule 234 of The Rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997, the House granted leave to suspend Rule 115 and other relevant rules of the Rules ibid, for taking up the following Resolution which was unanimously passed by the House:




Ms Uzma Kardar, moved a Resolution demanding the Government to improve sports infrastructure in Pakistan on international level. Hockey was our national sport and after winning first Olympic gold medal it was introduced as our national sport, surpassing India’s 32-years old lead. Now amateur having talent should be given chance to patronize them and should be trained by the professionals to illuminate the name of country. Today was being celebrated as National Hockey Day and government should pay attention to this game and take urgent steps to save it from complete depletion.


The House was then adjourned at 06:00 p.m. to meet on Friday, December 24, 2021 at 09:00 a.m.


Resolutions Passed

قرارداد نمبر:  113

محرک کا نام:   محترمہ عظمیٰ کاردار  (ڈبلیو۔311)


"پنجاب اسمبلی کا یہ معزز ایوان حکومت سے اس امر کی سفارش کرتا ہے کہ عالمی سطح پر سپورٹس انفراسٹرکچر کی بہتری کے لئے اقدامات اُٹھانے کی ضرورت ہے جیسا کہ پاکستان ہاکی جو کہ ہمارا قومی کھیل ہے پاکستان ماضی میں ہاکی کا مرد میدان رہا پاکستان نے پہلا اولمپک گولڈ میڈل جیت کر ہاکی کو قومی کھیل کا درجہ دیا گیا اور انڈیا کی 32 سالہ برتری کا خاتمہ کر کے ہاکی کی دُنیا میں فتوحات کی نئی راہ بنائی جو کہ تاریخ کا سنگ میل ثابت ہوئی لیکن اب ہمیں پروفیشنلز کی زیرسرپرستی گلی محلوں میں موجود باصلاحیت کھلاڑیوں کو بھی اس کھیل میں آگے آنے کا موقع فراہم کرنا چاہئے اور ان کی بہتر انداز میں تربیت کرنی چاہئے تاکہ مستقبل میں یہ کھلاڑی ملک کا نام روشن کریں جیسا کہ آج نیشنل ہاکی ڈے کے طور پر منایا جا رہا ہے اس کے حوالے سے حکومت ہاکی کے کھیل کی طرف توجہ دے اور ہنگامی بنیادوں سے اقدام اُٹھائے تاکہ ہاکی کے کھیل کو مکمل ڈوبنے سے بچا سکیں اور اس کھیل میں کھویا ہوا مقام حاصل کر سکیں۔"