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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Provincial Assembly of the Punjab the largest province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This website provides a technological door that is always open to any information about our institution, its documents and research sources to ensuring the greatest possible transparency, establishing direct linkage between parliamentarians and civil society and making parliamentary activities known to all and sundry. Our website reflects the functioning of the Assembly and its Committees. We are broadcasting live Audio/Video proceedings of the sessions of the Assembly and its archival is also available. Members of the Assembly and the Secretariat can be contacted via e- mail. The website contains parliamentary documents and a compendium of all the laws applicable in the Province since 1860 todate. These laws can be accessed through comprehensive search facility. A comprehensive document about the Decisions of the Chair is also available on the website.
Our website provides the latest information about the session (including the agenda, summary of the proceedings, etc) latest notifications, publications, biography of the Members with comprehensive search facility, Rules of Procedure, Bills, information about the Secretariat, press releases, tenders, job opportunities and many more things. Please take time to familiarize yourself with our website and enjoy your online stay with us. You can take virtual tour of the building and can make your visit memorable. In spite of its being large and articulated, the website is easily surfable. You can find the required information instantly with the search option. We are proud of the very high numbers of hits received by our website every day, still we welcome suggestions and advice to improve our performance. This Secretariat is open to the requests for information an feedback coming from the civil society. I am convinced that information technologies are of vital important today for the timely delivery of information, instant communication, rapid progress of the country, improvement of the quality of work, and involving civil society and media in the parliamentary affairs of the Province.

Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan

Provincial Assembly of the Punjab